Felix Manalo Movie of INC is Set to Launch This October 7, 2015

The prestigious Guinness Book of Record was set on this blockbuster pre-launch movie of Felix Manalo Movie of Iglesia ni Cristo in Philippine Arena. The Sunday nighttime leading transmission of the movie “Felix Manalo” at the Iglesia ni Cristo's Philippine Arena in Bulacan ruined 2 world records, according to the article of the Iglesia ni Cristo Television Facebook Fan page.

The pre-launch ruined the documentation for the biggest spectators at a movie showing with approximately 43,000 attendees. The preceding proof was 28,442 throughout the 2012 showing of the documentary movie "Honor Flight".

“Felix Manalo” also ruined the documentation for the major interior movie showing. The Philippine Arena is the planet’s biggest enclosed stadium with a capacity of 55,000. Felix Manalo movie will be launched on October 7, 2015 on different cinemas around the Philippines. For all the Kapatid Congratulations for the prestigious record.