Trophy Wife Movie Released by Viva Films

The movie Trophy Wife was hitting the box office lately after its released on cinema on July 30. In this movie it seems Derek Ramsey and Cristine Reyes has been awkardly doing the acting, cause as you know they've been on relationship before. But despite the awkwardness they thinking about the success of the movie. They were professional on doing they're acting.

Derek said on the interview that they been good friends, it could be difficult to execute the scene since this film is full of romantic acts. so for him it works smoothly.

Trophy Wife Movie Released by Viva Films

Well if you are in a relationship before it's normal to have an awkwardness on both of your side since you are both doing the romantic scene before. (evil laugh)

In the film of Trophy Wife Cristine plays the role of Lani a woman who been married to Sammy played by John Estrada who caught a tremendous romance with the brother of her husband named Chino which played by Derek. Eventually in this movie if you seen the trailer it would be a third party on Cristine caused they've been in a relationship with Derek.

Cristine expressed her feelings that she would be choosy in roles soon if she is involved in a movie cause it would be adjacent on her faith.

As of now if you watch this movie you will not expect the ending. You will be surprised.

Here's the full trailer of the movie Trophy Wife: